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The NFT Workshop

Wild West of

NFTs Workshop

The Most Exclusive NFT Event of 2022

February 10-13, 2022

"$100% this will be the best event yet!"

Greg Johnson, OpenSea

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The Most Exclusive NFT Event of 2022

Includes skiing & fun

A ‘hands-on’ primer in all things non-fungible tokens with critical NFT experts. Whether creating, using or collecting, prepare to stake your claim in this exciting space.

NFTs are a new frontier, disrupting industries from art to sports, from gaming to music and more. Get hands-on as we meet the pioneers who are trailblazing the NFT ecosystem.

We will explore this new landscape, what’s working, the critical innovations and reinventions, and what to watch out for around the bend.

The 10,450 FT VIEW:

The Wild West of NFTs


We’ve heard the hype. NFTs are everywhere. What are you going to do about it? What should you do about it? How will you leverage NFTs in your organization? Is it tulips or a digital gold rush? This intimate, immersive approach to NFTs is meant to give you what you need to know. Directly from experts, leaders and disruptors. Unvarnished opinions and debate.

This workshop is not a typical conference. It is small, intimate and direct. You will be able to do more than just listen and ask a question or two. If the world of digital assets, blockchain and the frontier of diverse industries such as art, music, fashion, finance, brands, sports, collectibles and more are interesting – then this NFT workshop is for you.

Our Speakers

Featured Speakers

Layah Heilpern

Author & Content Creator, Layah Heilpern Media Limited

Jay Kurahashi-Sofue

VP of Marketing, Ava Labs

Grey Jabesi

Director of Communications, United Africa Blockchain Association

Denis Lam

Founder/CEO, Vera Labs

Matt Hawkins

CEO & Founder, Cudos

Adam Simmons

Head of Strategy, Radix DLT/ GoodFi

Mark Sugden

Ecosystem Success, NEAR Foundation

Lisa Loud

General Manager of Digital Assets & Blockchain Technology at Zytara

Rohan Malhotra

Business Development + Marketing Associate, Metis DAO

Our Agenda

Thursday, February 10th
2:30 PM Check in and registration for 10,450 FT View and Hotel Rooms
7:00 PM

6:30 PM The Wild West of NFTs Indoor Rodeo
Featured Speaker: Dirk Lueth of Upland: Introducing the Metaverse
Entertainment with Jackson Hole’s own: One Ton Pig
11:00 PM Featuring Cuisine from and inspired by the West

Friday, February 11th
8:00AM Breakfast Buffet grab and go (to get your skis on!)

9:00AM Ski Fitting

9:00AM Open Ski time: with a group or on your own

12:00PM Open Lunch at Rendezvous and or Ballroom

2:00PM Kickoff Keynote
Interview with CoinDesk Editor in Chief, Zack Seward (multiple special guests)
Overview of the numbers, the industry, the opportunity, and the dangers

2:45PM ABCs of NFTs
While many may know what NFT stands for as an acronym, what are NFTs at their core? As an introduction, this session will dive into definitions of key concepts including fungibility, minting, scarcity, smart contracts, ownership, and community building. After diving into the mechanics of NFTs, the panel will explore the more tactical components including currency options, wallets, masks, and marketplaces.

3:30PM Collecting NFTs: Disrupting the Art World
The art industry has been the first to truly see the innovative and disruptive potential within the NFT market. Hear how artists have taken to the new medium and how they are exploring the frontier to find new horizons where art collides with real estate, music, and photorealism.

4:30PM Exploring the future implications of NFTs
Art is not the only industry being disrupted – we look at many other use cases for NFTs from music to sports, to video gaming and more

5:30PM Open Time

7:00PM VIP and Sponsored Dinners begin across Jackson Hole

9:00PM MeetUp at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Saturday, February 12th
8:00AM Breakfast Buffet Debate
9:00AM Grab your breakfast and listen as we debate NFTs pro and cons

9:15AM Creative NFT Panel Discussion

10:30AM Artificial Intelligence and NFTs
A discussion with Alethea CEO Arif Khan

11:30 AM NFTs and the Creator Economy
The creative class has unleashed a new frontier for the commoditization of digital assets. Learn from artists, musicians, and game developers how this market has allowed them to monetize and engage with their fans in a new domain. What are the impacts and implications for other creators to consider as they enter into NFTs?


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Nestled in the lush mountain valley of Jackson Hole, this Five-Star Alpine Resort is surrounded by some of America’s most rugged peaks, celebrated ski runs and an inspiring array of wildlife in nearby Grand Teton National Park.
Bernoulli | Locke

Jackson Hole Winter Weekend

The 10,450 FT VIEW: The Wild West of NFTs


Pricing & Availability

Space is limited
The 10,450 FT VIEW: The Wild West of NFTs: $1,490 $900
VIP Experience, without the NFT workshop: $1,790 $1,150
Includes Friday dinner with one of our speakers in one of six special locations in Jackson Hole
Online Only – The 10,450 FT VIEW: The Wild West of NFTs $395
Stay at the Four Seasons with a special rate
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